Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Man, I only lost 1 pound since I started this latest healthy eating bout (it's been about a week), and I think that's only from going to the bathroom! Grrr. I think this is why I usually give up and never seem to stick to it, because I don't see many results. All this work for 1 measly pound? Well, I'll stick to it for a little longer and see if anything happens. If not, back to the cookies for me!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

So one of my major stumbling blocks has been church and small group! Unfortunately for me, there are some very talented bakers and cooks at my church, so every week at our Sunday gatherings I'm tempted by yummy homemade cookies and snacks. Same on Wednesday for small group. I've started to place a restriction on myself--no more than 2 cookies on Sundays--and gotten my friends to hold me accountable. Before that I would often eat 5 or 6 large cookies on any given Sunday! I have a huge sweet tooth. So we'll see how it goes this weekend. Please ask me on Monday how many cookies I ate! I'm aiming for no more than 2 (last week I still went over my limit, but only by 1).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One helpful tip: Ask for Whole Foods gift cards for birthdays or Christmas! I've been doing that for the past year when my family or friends ask me what I want as gifts since I usually can't think of anything I want. It's been super useful, especially since I have a 55,000 square foot new Whole Foods just five minutes from me!
Okay, I was inspired by becomingthebiggestloser to start my own food blog. I've actually been eating relatively healthy this week:

Homemade corn bread with whole wheat flour, corn meal, egg substitute and skim milk.
Steelhead trout on sale at Whole Foods, broiled with lemon and dill
A sugar free dessert using sugar free jello, sugar free pudding mix, and lite cool whip (Weight Watchers recipe)
Extra lean ground turkey meatloaf
Also been experimenting with whole grains from WF's bulk grains bins: Steel-cut oats, quinoa and bulgar wheat.

We'll see if I can keep it up!